Tuesday, December 20, 2011

xmas cards.

I was late to send xmas cards to family and friends. I really didn't have the money to spend on gifts to anyone. I feel bad, but christmas is it really about gifts? For children I can understand for an adult it is priceless when you see your child open presents with excitement, waiting to see what they got. All I ever wanted was for my Sons to be together for the holidays and I got my present. They know my husband and I are unable to get gifts for them. I manage to sell some of my PS3 MOVE  games made it into a bundle and it sold in 2 days. I was happy. That caught me up on bills, that I didn't have enough to pay. Anyways my granddaughter I still have to get her something, I just made her a stocking stuffer , with a new outfit, child plate, hello kitty xmas stocking to hang up, a baby book, a baby cup, and child spoon and fork. She is getting so big on me. Will be 7 months. I really wanted to get her something but I know after christmas things will be better I pray and hope.

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