Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not my week at all.

Back to work. Meaning back to finish my books I had to put on hold because of stressing out from school Math. I see I am not the only person who hates math as I do. What I do get is this, they want you to know the basic math, that I get, yes you need that. But okay, when they want you taking classes in math that you have to figure out x+ y =z and throw in some icons of {x I } or [ ] so what is the deal, are you going to use it later in life? In certain jobs you may, but what I am going to school for I never hear of anyone using the algebra one or two. But hey that's me. I made a goal to finish school and my goal to be an author. So far everything is shining  the right way. Not sure about my math grades, but you know I am not going to worry about it. All it does is stresses me out and flares up my MS. That I don't need. So back to finish my "Candy Shop" and hopefully have it done and ready for edit soon. Just with everything having the flu, that wasn't good combo. When I get sick I get sick really bad sick. Worse then the regular flu most people get. My immune system is already fighting so my body is fighting twice more then the average person. But I fight back. Okay back to writing.~~~~~~~~=)

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