Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Book Blurb for 2012

My Book soon to be out sometime next year 2012 here is a little bit about the story :

                     Savior in the Dark

     Sophia St.John thinks her life is dull and holds no excitement  at all. After her brief relationship with a man that was too demanding, she wanted to move on. He wanted his way, and never gave in to hers. It was always about him, and his Mother.

    One night changed her life forever. She was attacked going to work after leaving a local deli and was saved by an unknown person, who rescued her from being cut, by a local drug addict. His swiftness not only stunned the man out cold, but he also captured Sophia's heart, who wanted to know more about her hero. If there is anything such as karate love, Sophia heart yearned for it. With a newly found freedom in self-defense she was taught, she learned along the way what true love really is.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is new and different~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my beta-readers loved it so can't wait till it comes out. I keep you all in the know. I have another book coming.
"Bed Room Eyes" that one is a Paranormal romance story with I am doing a series of it. When you read it you will know why.  All I can say about that for  now.

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