Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today 3 more days.

 Well three more days till my middle son comes home. I hope I am better by then so I won't get him sick. Even though I am on medications, I still don't trust it. I worry and pray none of my boys gets MS in their future. It is an ugly thing to have. Mild, Okay, really hard, and really badly serious. My level for now I just say I am Okay and dealing with it with no injections. What keeps me going is my writing and school. The hope to have my story written down and sent out to people by e-book or print. Print would be awesome but who knows. One day, I hope to be writing with other author's. Right now it is a thought, but I know it will happen. Friday my son Leo 20yrs old comes home...Yay so excited... as I know he is. His letters says he can't wait just to get normal sleep. So even though he will not be up much lol.. it will be nice to know he is home for a bit till Jan 2nd and then he goes back  to bootcamp (ARMY) and finishes and move on to his new post. In Kansas City. MO. It is hard to let go of your kids when they get of age. My oldest is posted here where I live so I see him, quite often along with my granddaughter Jasmine. She is growing so fast. Before I know it she will be walking. I am going to try to write a book for her. So she can read it later when she get older and starts to learn how to read. Any Suggestion what I should write for a children book. Nothing to scare her, nothing nasty, but something fun, and funny? Let me know what you think.

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