Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am back.... Now have two eBooks on Amazon and Barnes and Noble... and Yes I have MS.. so my goal is coming to life.

Hello everyone.. I know some of you have looked at my blog and saw no updates, well I am back doing so. I am promo my two books right now that I wrote when I was in school. I decided to have a go at it and take it to the next phase and have it published indie style. See if my hard work late nights with school and writing will pay off. I am first to admit I am not aiming to be the best seller of the month, or year. I am not no Stephanie Meyers, or E.L James. My books are somewhat adult-ish 18 plus but now that I am a grandmother of 3 girls and find out soon to be another one on the way.. boy my boys been busy... lol but they are in the army and Love their wives very much... As I love them too and my granddaughter. Here is the latest with links for my books..

Savior in The Dark. Overview Sophia St. John thinks her life is dull and holds no excitement at all. After her brief relationship with a man that was too demanding, she wanted to move on. He wanted his way, and never gave in to hers. It was always about him, and his mother. One night changed her life forever. She was attacked going to work after leaving a local deli and was saved by an unknown person, who rescued her from being cut, by a local drug addict. His swiftness not only stunned the man out cold, but he also captured Sophia’s heart, who wanted to know more about her hero. If there is anything such as karate love, Sophia heart yearned for it. With newly found freedom in the self-defense she was taught, she learned along the way what true love really is. This book has some Heat to it.. To buy in on sale now for $1.99

And also on Amazon... Amazon:
Bedroom Eyes When Sophia St.John going home after a late night sift at work, she comes home to an unexpected surprise. She finds her friend in bed with her boyfriend caught in the act. Doing what others may expect she does the unexpected,in doing so she leaves her home to cool off and runs into a new stranger with secrets of his own..... on sale for .99 cents now both sites. Both were written when I was in school.. so I hope you can help me out by support and if you buy hope you can leave me a review good or bad... I love to read and if you have book you would like me to review Please email me @ and I will review your ebook. Thank you.

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