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Release Day Of A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved

Hello All Things Books Readers,

As promised I'm announcing that today is the Release Day of "A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved", very soon the book will be appearing on Amazon and will be making its first appearance on XoXo Publishing's site.

This is the first real debue of the wonderful twin Marie. The Bisexual twin that has alot to contend with. Not only is she a dancer, actress and model. Now she has to deal with an overly protective father and a Wrestler, going to great lengths to show her that he deserves just 'one date' with her. Things couldn't be hotter in this new series that will rival the hotness and the excitement of 'A Different Life'.

Are you ready to get to know the woman that make Layla the woman she is and to know the woman that this woman turns too? This series is the hottest and most fun I have had writing. With men losing clothes and her pranks reaching high levels. Hot steamy kissing scenes there is everything that you could possibly want out of this book.

Here is the Blurb and a page out of the book.

Blurb: "'After leaving America with Cameron, Marie set the ball rolling for Craig. A Wrestler and best friends of Will and Edward to get answers to why she has been wrapped up in Cameron as well as to why she hates Wrestlers. Craig decides he wants to unlock the truth of this fiery Street Hip Hop Dancer and actress, but what will happened when Craig locks horns with Marie?"
Out Today!

A random page from the book:

Reaching the bathroom, out the corner of my eye I saw one of Craig's many bedroom doors open and a hand pulled me into the room. It happened in a flash and I was caught off guard in a way that made me lose my breath. I felt the strength of the hand that was still wrapped around my forearm as fear splintered into my chest. I went to attack the stranger when my eyes adjusted and took in what was in front of me.
The bedroom was in semi-dark except for some candles that were light and littered about. It took my eyes a moment or two to completely adjust.
There standing with one of his hands in his pockets was Craig. He had let his black hair hang around his shoulders. His goatee had been neatly re-shaved, his bleached clawed jeans were skin tight over his legs and his black military like boots stuck out of them looking well-polished. His tight t-shirt had my saying on it and his muscle arms made it hard to concentrate on anything else. His abs showed through his t-shirt and I felt my body grow tense.
My heart started to beat fast as the power of a crush I had once had returned with its full force. I felt like that mid teenager girl staring at him and wanting to rip off that t-shirt he was wearing. I wanted to inspect him, wanted to know what he was really like in the flesh. I had always dreamed about being with him, this would be the time that I would find out. That pressure made my throat tight and dry.
It was hard to be about him, while working out in his gym. I had even asked Layla and Kathy to find out when he worked out there so I wouldn't walk into him. They had both scowled at me before they had agreed. They knew I wanted to spend very little time with Craig since he had such a reputation.
Kathy had agreed with me that it was wise that I remained at an arm’s length of a man that was just as ruthless with his women as he was in the ring. He had veteran's respect early on from his womanising ways and it always had an edge on the other boys in the locker room. He was a much loved man by the boys and hated beyond belief by the wives of the Wrestlers themselves.
Why are you avoiding me Marie?” His silk like voice whispered into the darkness and right away my heart leaped in response. Suddenly I felt myself heat up hoping that he couldn't see me blush, while trying to think of an ‘out’ plan. Why did he just have to so hot that my brain would refuse to work?
I'm here at your party, am I not?” I spluttered. I edged towards the door; his eyes watching me with a heated look that made me blush even more. I could feel the heat bellowing out of him like an open fire. I wasn't proud that this man could do this to me. Why couldn't my usual vibe put him off? Why couldn't my walls that I had up against Wrestler not put him off like it did most other men? Why did he have to want me of all people? Why did I have to know that there was a chance he wasn't like the reputation that was floating about him?
Yes you are. You forget I'm famous and people tell me things. I hear you’re working out in my gym, while I am not there. I wonder why that is? Why don't you want to get all hot and sticky with me? I don't bite, not unless I'm invited.” Craig moved over to me and pressed his hand on the door behind my head. He pinned me there; his lips just inches from mine. I felt my eyes go straight to them and I swallowed hard. “It seems like everyone is talking about you right now, about how you and your college boyfriend recently fell apart; about you and one of my boys, Jay. He's a boy Marie, I'm all man and I like nothing more than a good competition to win my girls over. I have to ask, is Jay or the college ex the reason why you’re burying yourself within Cameron's arms?”
I have been avoiding you, because of this. All you do is break hearts and cheat on those you have waiting for you at home. If I need any proof of that, then I just have to look to my sister's best friend!” A hint of venom ran through my voice. I was sick and tired of everyone judging me for what I had done. The look in his eyes told me nothing. There was a hint of surprise around the edges of his game face though.

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