Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My goal to be an author in 2012.

     As some may know me from facebook or from twitter. I am 42 mother, married with 3 sons just about all (except for one) grown. I also have goals and I have MS. I really been trying to become an author for a long time but I finally put my foot down and said heck with it, all I can do is fail. But I can always say, I tried. I gave it my best. I am on facebook as Ana Torres and twitter Nani1987 you can follow me here or there. I have goals like everyone does. And I am finally putting mine into action. I am also a college student at University of Phoenix for over a year now.  I will be hopefully graduating for web design in July 2012. I will have my youngest son who is 17 graduating same year just a month before me. I am proud of my sons, all three of them. Oldest is married with a 6 month old baby girl, middle is in the Army as well as my oldest is. My husband Gilbert of 23yr we are so proud of our sons. And their acheivements, what parent wouldn't be proud.
Well I have been promoting my name on facebook and other site, so I do have another site that I have that has a bit more but I will be moving some of it over here.
I do have some submission, just waiting for the word to hear, you are accepted and contract on it's way.
I admired so many authors and writers now that they should be recognized because as a reader you are just reading a story that they created. But as a writer you don't know the back end of it. How it all works all together. When a fan likes your book it is because you truly enjoy their thoughts on the story you have just read.
So I have a lot of respect for new and current authors more so now than ever. It is hard work. It is not like you sit in front of the PC and type. You can do that, but what will you say? What will you write? Will it make sense?
      Anyone can say they are a writer, but to be an author you have to be published and known in the writing field. You don't have to be famous, if someone enjoys your book or novel. You may have a good go at it. I write several genders. Paranormal is my favorite, but I also write regular romances books. Lately I been slacking since I am still in school online (thank heavens for that) otherwise I would not be able to write anything. I do get some free time and I try to write when I can. Or jolt things down when an idea comes in my head. I have MS and my memory is not the greatest but reading and writing since I was 13 yrs old. It helps me. I been reading a lot more lately to get a feel of how other authors write. We all have a different style and taste. So many new genders I have been learning along the way of time travel, fantasy, steam punk, erotica, m/m, menage, f/f... it is endless just about. I would never write something I don't feel comfortable writing. I recently written a Karate gender that to branch out, along with new wrestling romance. I am with working with XOXO publishing and waiting to hear from them. It has been a busy year, end of the yr for all publishing houses. Getting as much as they can. I am blessed to know so many authors whom are helping me, giving me advice and that to me is a blessing. I am not doing it for fame, or money, would be nice, but in serious if you want to be a serious author/writer, you have to love reading and writing. I may have MS and that will not stop me. I will be writing a book about me, because I went through so much when I was  told I had MS = (Multiple-Sclerosis) We all call it a monster... and it can be but you learn to live with it. It is sad when you have little kids and you have it. I was told at 32 that I had it. But it was traced down to when I was 25yrs old.
    Well enough of me and just wanted to say I am here, and I am going to make the best of my life while I still can.


  1. This is my other site anaitorres.weebly.com/

  2. Good going. The follow would not come.up.

  3. Hi it is still in working progress.. hopefully by this weekend I should have it all wrapped up.

  4. Merry Christmas to all.
    Holidays are here and need some help. If you can help me out. I hate asking but my only income is SSDI and that is spent before I get it. I hope I can count on some help no matter the size of donation. When I get my work published I will keep your name and email to send you a free copy, if it is a book or e-book.

    Thank you.
    Wishing you all a great holiday season.

  5. "Famous saying never give up and never surrender!" that is me. I will keep going like the energizer bunny. All I want is a chance.