Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Better Parenting … "The Napkin Manuscript: Involvement" (2011-2012) is the first installment of a socially relevant series of novels in contemporary fiction by G. Mitchell Baker ('Consistency', 'Awareness', and 'Nurture' to follow). This timely body of work addresses the issue(s) of Better Parenting by relying on dynamic and approachable characters in a plot that drives the theme of parenting enough to provoke thought about the subject of what it takes to achieve better parenting. The Napkin Manuscripts story begins by exploring whether a devolving Father, Jon Emerson, will ultimately decide to remain 'Involved' with his daughters and then ... 'Consistently' remain involved enough to become more 'Aware' and thereafter a more Nurturing parent and father...

"The Napkin Manuscript: Involvement" - Volume I (2011) can be found at:

"The Napkin Manuscript: Involvement" - Volume II (2012) can be found at:

The following Blog seeks to continue a dialogue regarding "Better Parents"

It is with hope the contemporary fiction of "The Napkin Manuscript..." may well continue to contribute to the public discourse of better parenting as well... the fine efforts mentioned above … The Very Best, G. Mitchell Baker

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