Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Do's and Don'ts (added 2 more)

I saw this listed so they are not my words but I agree with each one of them. It is almost like someone saw in my head...and read my thoughts.

1.Don't stop writing, outlining new stories and losing myself in my own world.
2.Don't let someone's negative opinion affect the way I feel about myself and my work.
3.Don't argue with a reviewer, ever.
4.Don't forget to appreciate those who cares and love me.
5.Don't stop laughing no matter how bad things might get.
6.Don't lose sight of my goals, keep moving forward.
7.Don't trust false friends.
8.Don't speak without thinking in person or on the internet.
9.Don't let exercise disappear from my life on some thin excuse. (unless I have a MS-flare Up)
10.Don't stop facing each new day with hope and great expectations that something wonderful will happen.
11.Don't ever forget these goals and this list.
12.Pray, everyday, and every-night that you will be happy in many ways.

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