Saturday, January 14, 2012

So many eBooks and Great books.

Xoxo Publishing is where I do my Promo for the authors I post here, but I also promote everyone else too. The site has a lot of good book all types. Children, Teen,(YA),and adult and self help books. We are one of many to promote any gender.  I have read so much on the author we have, all I ask is to take a look. You may be surprise what you will find. I know I am addicted, I am a writer/author and now I work for them and happy to. I fit it in my schedule besides school which I will be done by mid July (I hope). Even being disabled with MS I still manage to do what  I love, is reading, writing, and just enjoying a book here or two. Yes I still read a lot. It is for me good for the mind body and soul, in my case it helps me with my MS. So if anyone has any question let me know. I encourage all authors from xoxo to post their books here, out or not yet. And don't forget to follow me. This Year is going to be Great! I have that feeling!

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