Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Facebook Groups to Join

Hi everyone I have been so busy lately I haven't been able to post more. I finally finish College Yay... now it is time to work. I am still in the works to become an author but I am few steps closer now. I work for XoXo Publishing so it is a step closer. Working with other authors and with other staff memebers. My Goals are almost complete. Here is some Facebook blogs if you are looking to join some. A new group for Canadian authors and epublishers. Including foreign authors published by Canadian epublishers. EbooksNBooksPromosGroup YA and Children Promotional Group Just Book Reviews for Children and YA Just Book Reviews Latinos & Italian Writers / Authors Open Group Erotic Erotica Take a look at XoXo blogsite and hope you will follow it will mean a lot to me, and for those who I am working with. I am in promos, guess I start from the bottom to know the business and work my way up.. =)

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